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What are the methods and equipment for edible oil solvent extraction?

Edible oil solvent extraction uses an organic solvent extraction method to extract fats from the oil. Oilseeds are mixed with an organic solvent n-hexane, the solvent is compatible with oil and extracted, and then the solvent is removed by evaporation at high temperature to obtain edible oil. The edible oil solvent extraction method is characterized by high productivity and high efficiency. This is usually a widely used processing process in oil factories with a daily capacity of tens or hundreds of tons. The oil yield using edible oil solvent extraction method is high, and the residual oil content in the solvent extraction meal is low and of good quality, but due to solvent residues, the crude oil must be refined on edible oil refining equipment before it can be eaten. Equipment necessary for processing edible oil by extraction: pretreatment equipment and edible oil solvent extraction equipment.

Pretreatment equipment

First, with the help of cleaning equipment (vibrating screen, destoner, magnetic separator), impurities such as metal, sand and gravel mixed with oilseeds raw materials are removed. Then use the purified oilseeds raw materials to use a peeling and kernel removal machine-shell separation screen to separate them, the kernels and shells are separated. And then the oilseeds particles are pressed into germ sheets in the embryo press to increase the contact area between the edible oil and the oil press, allowing for better and faster oil extraction. Finally, the oilseeds germ slices are heated and steamed in a steaming wok to adjust the temperature and humidity to increase the oil yield rate.

Edible oil processing line photoEdible oil processing line photo

Pre-pressing machine: edible oil is pre-pressed to obtain a portion of raw oil from oilseeds. In addition, meal with a high content of residual oil can be processed using edible oil solvent extraction equipment.

The edible oil solvent extraction equipment

Extraction system: Organic solvent is sprayed in the leaching device to dissolve together with the lubricant and turn into a mixed oil. Henan Glory can offer three types of edible oil solvent extraction equipment: horizontal rotary, ring and traction chain.

Wet flour desolventizing and drying system: The wet flour coming out of the extraction machine usually contains 25-35% solvent. The solvent in the flour is evaporated by steam heating in the steamer; the solvent can be reused after condensation, and the dried flour is easy to store for subsequent processing and use.

Mixed oil evaporation and distillation system: The mixed oil from the extractor and evaporator alternately passes through the evaporator and purifier alternately. The different boiling points of the solvent and grease are used to evaporate the solvent and separate the grease, thereby obtaining the extracted crude oil.

Solvent recovery system: The gaseous solvent evaporating from the equipment is condensed in the condenser and finally collected in the solvent tank to achieve the solvent recovery effect.

Edible oil solvent extraction equipment photoEdible oil solvent extraction equipment photo

After processing on edible oil solvent extraction equipment by leaching, the residual amount of oil in the cake can be reduced, and the oil yield from oilseeds can be significantly increased. However, the use of the edible oil solvent extraction method for processing edible oil is usually suitable for edible oil producers with a raw material processing capacity of more than 20 tons per day. If the processing capacity is relatively small, it is recommended to use the edible oil pressing method for processing edible oil. This set of equipment is cost-effective and practical.

Regardless of whether edible oil is processed by pressing or solvent extraction, the resulting edible oil is actually crude oil that contains a high wax content, which affects the taste of edible oil. A set of edible oil refining equipment is also required for a series of degumming, deacidification, decolorization, deodorization and dewaxing processes. in order to meet the standards of sale and consumption in the market. Henan Glory Company has a variety of edible oil processing equipment design plans that can be tailored according to the actual needs of customers so that customers can choose from them.

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